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Conscious Combat Coaching Course

Create a trauma informed martial arts program that will change lives.

An end to end coach education program to help you launch a bespoke trauma informed martial arts program.

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Conscious teacher training

A 3 course combo that packs a punch!

Conscious Coaching

Level 1 ($250 USD)

Module 1: Learn about how martial arts and combat sports (MACS) are inherently therapeutic. The benefits your students will likely recieve even without being trauma informed.

Module 2: Understand what trauma means and how it can affect students on the mat. 

Module 3: Recognize the signs of hyperarousal and hypoarousal. Build a toolkit of grounding strategies to help your students when they get triggered in class. 

Conscious Coaching

Level 2 ($450 USD)

Module 1: A deep dive into creating more safety for trauma survivors

Module 2: A deep dive into building a culture of trust in your program. 

Module 3: A deep dive into building a culture of trust in your program. 

Module 4: A deep dive into building a culture of collaboration and choice in your program. 

Module 5: A deep dive into honoring community needs specific to gender, culture and history. 

Program design

($350 USD value)

Module 1: How to design a program. Summarize the evidence for your program, outline who it's for, how it works and how you will achieve the outcomes you're aiming for.

Module 2: Write each lesson plan. Plan your warms ups, coaching cues, discussion points, techniques, cool downs + more.

Module 3: Based on your program overview, lesson plans and the trauma informed principles, prepare your intake form and practice conducting initial consultations.

Module 4: Create a plan for how to engage with local psychologists to build and maintain a referral network.

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How will you learn?

We don't just want you to learn new information, we want you to put it into practice.

Online Course

3 courses completed at your pace. Attend live or watch the recordings as videos or listen as a podcast while you drive. 

Practical activities

Practice skills like initial consultations and teaching grounding. Record yourself to get feedback from our team if you like.


Complete worksheets to help you consolidate the information and apply it to your martial art. Complete templates for your program overview and lesson plans. Finish the course ready to start teaching.

Join the community

Connect with other martial artists studying this course from around the world. Ask each other questions, attend online meetups and see answers to other folks' questions.

30 day guarantee. If you don't love learning with us, 100% of your money back, guaranteed. 

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A safe space for women living with trauma to reclaim their body, confidence and strength through trauma informed martial arts

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